On the road to… nowhere?

This posting is ~2 years years old. You should keep this in mind. IT is a short living business. This information might be outdated.

Its been four month since my last blog post, and the blog frequency was quite low before that. This blog is, to be honest, a giant pile of stuff that has not worked as expected. Okay, some random thoughts or howto’s, but most blog posts are about stuff that failed in some way. That’s a bit “depressing”. I should write more about the fun things in my life

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For a pretty long time my focus was on infrastructure. And my focus _is_ on infrastrucutre – Networks, lots of storage, virtualization with VMware. And always full stack: Networking, Storage, Servers, Operating System, always with a little focus here and there. Sure, products shifted over time, but in the bigger picture, my focus was always on infrastrucutre and datacenter stuff. No client devices, no end user support, no managed services/ admin tasks, no leadership. Technical stuff and projects. But my focus continued to shift. Microsoft Exchange for example. A product I really hate. Not really infrastructure. But I’m good at it and so I got projects and stuff to do. Or Office 365. Or Microsoft Azure. And since 2013 more leadership tasks. And since January 2020 I held some kind of a higher management position.

I’m doing much less VMware for the past 24 months than I like to do. Therefore much more Office 365 and Azure. And consulting for Microsoft stuff, transition to cloud, transition of IT services into managed services, or deployment of managed services. I lost my VCP/ VCAP through, IMHO, unnecessarily complicated recertification requirements. That was very frustrating for me. Of course, I learned other things in return.

Companions from the last 20 years are now mostly in management positions. Head of … whatever. Most of them are not doing technical stuff anymore. And they are happy with it. It looks like a typical career path, but it’s one that I don’t necessarily like right now. I’m still doing technical stuff, even if I’m in a management position. Actually quite good, but it also feels kind of weird.

I’m turning 40 this year. 23 years in IT behind me, 25 years to go until retirement. Not even half-time. :/ A wife, three nice kids, we just moved to our new house. Actually everything should be really great, but currently I can’t see a career path for me that makes me happy. And this sucks pretty hard.

So, to make a long story short, come back from time to time. Add this blog to your RSS reader. I hope to post nice content here again soon.

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1 thought on “On the road to… nowhere?

  1. Bernd

    I can imagine how you feel regarding the career Path.
    Had a few chat’s with a lot of collagues within the last two years exactly about the same topic.
    IT nowadays is getting more and more frustrating, you have problem managers, Managers for problem managers.. Team Managers… you name it.

    The overhead, especially in the last few years of people who have no idea about what we do.. is extraordinary.
    A few years ago i implemented a Linux HA Solution for Monitoring Purposes at an automotive Customer The Implementation itseel needed :
    – Network Know How
    – Linux Know How
    – KnowHow of Check MK
    – Firewall Know How.
    The preparation took us 14 days..
    Writing the Handbook for the Cluster Infrastructure and how to operate the Cluster including Troubleshooting Steps… Clustertests Four weeks from Scratch
    One Person
    A second Person for proof reading

    But to complete these Steps we had to to talk to Three different Companies, the Customer itself…. the Companies who did the Operating, and the Company who was responsible for SPS Programming.
    That was the biggest part of the whole Project….
    Talking and explaining to the responsible Leads and managers
    – raising tickets for each steps
    – like stripping Cables
    – firewall
    – routing
    – SAN Access

    Ten, fifteen years ago we were quick, we could make quick and precise decisions.

    Nowadays this is not possible anymore. There to many moving parts, that slows everything down and we have Decision makers who seldomly have any technical Experience. Today i would not recommened a Newcomer going into IT. To much Processes and bureacracy. The days of invention, creativity and fresh thinking are gone. Personally i assume IT is now a “Grown Up” like any other Industry.

    Most of my Workmates, or People i share those thougts, on of our best technologists quit and went to La Palma.. The next one left to become a carpenter and said it was the best step i ever did.
    If you love to be a technician, stick to your guns if possible. I wouldn’t be a good Team Lead, or Manager but i know about this.
    Providing tailormade Trainings is fun and is refreshing, unfortunately Corona, killed most Training Rooms and providing Training with Teams, Webexx you name it is not the same.

    We both have a few years to go, who knows which ways will be offered to us?
    Possibly we may have to change or refocus our Interests?

    Life goes on. Keep your Head up.


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