VMware vCenter 7.0 U2 deployment fails at stage 2

This posting is ~2 years years old. You should keep this in mind. IT is a short living business. This information might be outdated.

Today I had to deploy a new vCenter appliance. Nothing fancy, new deployment. Stage 1 was easy, but stage 2 failed several times. I re-deployed the vCenter appliance two times, but as the deployment failed for the third time, I took a look into the logs.

The deployment failed without any error, but it didn’t finished. It stopped during the start of different services without any error.

First of all: Log into the appliance using SSH or the console. Use the root account and the root password you have entered during the setup.

A good point to start are the logs under /var/log/firstboot. I used ls -lt to get the last written logs. Most services will write two logs: One log ends with _stdout.log, and the second one will end with _stderr.log. The _stdout.log contails the log messages of the service. The _stderr.log contains the errors. I searched for a service that has written to a _stderr.log – and I found it: scafirstboot.py_10507_stderr.log.

And this log gave me a hint what the root cause was. One of the last log entries was:

ssl.SSLCertVerificationError: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate is not yet valid

What what? A certificate not only has an end date, but also a date before which it is not valid – a start date. And this is often indicates a problem with – NTP. And it was NTP. I have configured NTP for the vCenter, but not for the ESXi on which I deployed the vCenter. -.- If it is not DNS, it’s NTP. Or a invalid certificate. Or both.

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0 thoughts on “VMware vCenter 7.0 U2 deployment fails at stage 2

  1. Bhaskar Raman

    I double checked my NTP, all is good. My first stage of vCenter 7.0 U3 G fails the first stage.
    Error is ” The installer is unable to connect to the vCenter Server Management Interface”

    Any assistance is appreciated.
    ESXi host version is 7.0 U3 ——-DellEMC OEM version A07
    ESXi hosts are connected over Fibre Channel, to external storage.