Chicken-and-egg problem: 3PAR VSP 4.3 MU1 & 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3

This posting is ~6 years years old. You should keep this in mind. IT is a short living business. This information might be outdated.

Since monday I’m helping a customer to put two HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200c into operation. Both StoreServs came factory-installed with 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3, which is available since July 2015. Usually, the first thing you do is to deploy the 3PAR Service Processor (SP). These days this is (in most cases) a Virtual Service Processor (VSP). The SP is used to initialize the storage system. Later, the SP reports to HP and it’s used for maintenance tasks like shutdown the StoreServ, install updates and patches. There are only a few cases in which you start the Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) procedure of the StoreServ without having a VSP. I deployed two (one VSP for each StoreServ) VSPs, started the Service Processor Setup Wizard, entered the StoreServ serial number and got this message:


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“No uninitialized storage system with the specified serial number could be found”. I double checked the network setup, VLANs, switch ports etc. The error occured with BOTH VSPs and BOTH StoreServs. I started the OOTB on both StoreServs using the serial console. My plan was to import the StoreServs later into the VSPs. To realize this, I tried was to setup the VSP using the console interface. I logged in as root (no password) and tried the third option: Setup SP with original SP ID.


Patrick Terlisten/ Creative Commons CC0

Not the worst idea, but unsuccessful. I entered the SP ID, SP networking details, a lot other stuff, the serial number of the StoreServ, the IP address, credentials finally got this message:

StoreServ HP 3PAR OS version validation failed - unable to retrieve StoreServ's HP 3PAR OS version.

Hmm… I knew that P003 was mandatory for the VSP 4.3 MU1 and 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3. But could cause the missing patch this behaviour? I called HP and explained my guess. After a short remote session this morning, the support case was escalated to the 2nd level. While waiting for the 2nd level support, I was thinking about a solution. I knew that earlier releases of the VSP doesn’t check the serial number of the StoreServ or the version of the 3PAR OS. So I grabbed a copy of the VSP 4.1 MU2 with P009 and deployed the VSP. This time, I was able to finish the “Moment of Birth” (MOB). This release also asked for the serial number, the IP address and login credentials, but it didn’t checked the version of the 3PAR OS (or it doesn’t care if it’s unknown). At this point I had a functional SP running software release 4.1 MU2. I upgraded the SP to 4.3 MU1 with the physical SP ISO image and installed P003 afterwards. Now I was able to import the StoreServ 7200c with 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3.

I don’t know how HP covers this during the installation service. AFAIK there is no VSP 4.3 MU1 with P003 available and I guess HP ships all new StoreServs with 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3. If you upgrade from an earlier 3PAR OS release, please make sure that you install P003 before you update the 3PAR OS. The StoreServ Refresh matrix clearly says that P003 is mandatory. The release notes for the HP 3PAR Service Processor (SP) Software SP-4.3.0 MU1 P003 also indicate this:

SP-4.3.0.GA-24 P003 is a mandatory patch for SP-4.3.0.GA-24 and 3.2.1.MU3.

I’m excited to hear from the HP 2nd level support. I will update this blog post if I have more information.


Together with the StoreServ 8000 series, HP released a new version of the 3PAR Service Processor. The new version 4.4 is necessary for the new StoreServ models, but it also supports 3PAR OS < 3.2.2 (which is the GA release for the new StoreServ models). So if you get a new StoreServ 7000 with 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3, simply deploy a SP version 4.4.

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14 thoughts on “Chicken-and-egg problem: 3PAR VSP 4.3 MU1 & 3PAR OS 3.2.1 MU3

    1. Patrick Terlisten Post author

      AFAIK the physical SP ISO is the only way to update a VSP. It can be used to update a physical or virtual SP. The VSP downloads only include the OVF to deploy a new VSP.

  1. Wilyfred Maleko

    Hello hi!!

    Please need help.
    1: I need files for Updating my SP to 4.3 or 4.3.4 with
    2: Current running with 3Par OS 3.2.1 MU 03 with patches 17 and i want to update to patches 23-28

    1. Patrick Terlisten Post author


      the easies way is to file a support request at HPE. If your 3PAR is under support, they will help you. Without a valid support contract, you won’t be able to get the necessary software.

  2. masoud

    1. I’m going to install “3par storeServ 8440 os 3.2.2. 612 (mu4)”; but I have received an error as ” incorrect login”. Note that I used from password “cmp43pd” and username “console”. Are these true ? I tried to login to the serial console but I don’t know the 3paradm password as well as the console user password. please guide me to improve this error.

    2. Please note that my set is 3par storeserv 2node 8440. It is not boot. Hence, it seems that my problem is in installing vsp. I have tested several versions vsp but have not install it. Please describe me how did you can to install vsp ? I sent for you an image that shows my occured error in installing vsp what’s.

    Can you describe for me what’s the meaning of reboting node ?

    3.The light of battery of flash power is green. Do it have any affect on the mentioned error in my previous email ? How can I solve my problem in booting ?

      1. masoud


        3PAR storeserv 8440 os 3.2.2 612 mu4 Smart Start error “No uninitialized storage system with the specified serial number could be found It started out quite smoothly. The SmartStart program was able to initialize and configure my Service Processor VM from a set of form entries that any storage engineer should be able to handle with ease. Moving next to the initialization of the array, however, I ran into a little problem.I received the following error: “No uninitialized storage system with the specified serial number could be found.” I checked the serial number. It was actually pre-populated in the form correctly. I checked to see that the switch ports were on the correct VLAN. I plugged my laptop into the same cables that had been plugged into the 3PAR MGMT ports and verified connectivity to the SP (making sure that I was using an IP address on the same subnet).I don’t have another SP. I’m using the one I just configured. On a side note, I’d like to meet the storage engineer who has the task of deciding which SP to use for a second or third 3PAR…

        please guide me,

      2. masoud

        I used the latest update and latest version of vsp, all the work done on the spock matrix is ​​on the hp site. I can not connect to the console using this password: cmp43pd
        But it does make a mistake. What’s your solution to solve this problem? Please help me very importantly

          1. Patrick Terlisten Post author

            Are you sure, that the 3PAR still is uninitialized?? Do you have a valid support contract with HPE? If yes, you should log a call at HPE. It seems that you need support that is beyond of the purpose of this blog.

  3. masoud

    Please give me an email for more information so I can give you more detailed information about this problem, including the photos of the errors that I encountered during installation. This item is very important to me. Please guide me


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