Screen resolution scaling has stopped working after Horizon View agent update

This posting is ~8 years years old. You should keep this in mind. IT is a short living business. This information might be outdated.

Another inconvenience that I noticed during the update process from VMware Horizon View 6.1.1 to 6.2 was, that the automatic screen resizing stopped working. When I connected to a desktop pool with the VMware Horizon client, I only got the screen resolution of the VM (the resolution that is used when connecting to the VM with the vSphere console)), not 1920×1200 as expected. This issue only occured with PCoIP, not with RDP. I had this issue with a static desktop and a dynamic desktop pool, and it occurred after updating the Horizon View agent. The resolution scaling worked with a Windows 2012 R2 RDS host, when I connected to a RDS with PCoIP.

VMware KB1018158 (Configuring PCoIP for use with View Manager) did not solved the problem. I checked the VMX version, the video RAM config etc. Nothing has changed, everything was configured as expected. At this point it was clear to me, that this must be an issue with the Horizon View agent. I took some snapshots and tried to reinstall the Horizon View agent. I removed the Horizon View agent and the VMware tools from one of my static desktops. After a reboot, I installed the VMware tools and then the Horizon agent. To my surprise, this first attempt has solved the problem. I tried the same with my second static desktop pool VM and with the master VM of my dynamic desktop pool (don’t forget to recompose the VMs…). This workaround has fixed the problem in each case.

I don’t know if this is a bug. I haven’t found any hints in the VMware Community forum or blogs. Maybe someone knows the answer.

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3 thoughts on “Screen resolution scaling has stopped working after Horizon View agent update

    1. Patrick Terlisten Post author

      Hello Christian,

      as I wrote in my blog post:

      – Remove Horizon Agent
      – Reboot
      – Remove VMware Tools
      – Reboot
      – Install VMware Tools
      – Reboot
      – Install Horizon Agent

      Hope this helps.

  1. chris

    I was having this same issue on several Horizon manually assigned VMs.
    Here’s what fixed it:
    1. Shutdown VM
    2. Go to Properties -> Video Card
    3. Change Displays and video memory to “Auto-detect settings
    4. Power up VM
    5. Connect via Horizon/View client
    6. Enjoy a properly scaled video experience


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